Young Exporter Institute plans mission to the Middle East in 2021 to prospect markets.

São Paulo – Next year, Instituto Jovem Exportador will promote the 3rd edition of the Internationalization Trail of the Jovem Exportador Program, which will be destined for the Middle East. A trade mission will be made to the region from February 18 to 25, 2021, with the presence of 30 young entrepreneurs. The itinerary will culminate with the participation of the delegation in a fair dedicated to the food and beverage segment, Gulfood 2021, in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

The initiative was presented during a webinar promoted by the Instituto Jovem Exportador this Tuesday (16th) in the afternoon, attended by the secretary general at the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Tamer Mansour. The event opened the 3rd Edition of the Matchmaking Arab Market Series – Young Exporter Program, which will include another five meetings with themes addressing the cultural, social and economic aspects of the Middle East market.

Young Exporter Institute plans mission to the Middle East in 2021 to prospect markets

The project manager, Maria do Carmo Zinato (photo), explained that the Trail will promote virtual debates starting in July, which will follow throughout the second semester. “Among the main reasons for young entrepreneurs to sign up is access to information. For months they will receive content about the general foreign market and the Arab market specifically and how to put your product in a more interesting way, with the challenge of games. They will also have access to government authorities and businessmen who have already faced the challenge of entering the Arab market, in addition to other key organizations, ”she explained.

For Zinato, the project brings the opportunity for young people to expand their contacts. “Whoever accesses the Arab market will bring variety to the client portfolio. Those who already export are not experiencing the difficulties of those who are restricted to the national market. It is very good, especially for those who have innovative products, with sustainability, or who do not generate waste. You will take a product to the Arab market that will be considered exotic there, the Brazilian ”, said the executive.

Young Exporter Institute plans a mission to the Middle East in 2021 to prospect Mansour markets: we need to improve product marketing

The Middle East market and exports were the topic of debate at the webinar. Mansour, one of the speakers, stated that Brazilian marketing abroad and, especially to the Arabs, has much to improve. The secretary recalled that the Brazilian image needs to be worked on more to show everything the country has done. “We have to separate things for the Arabs in two fundamental ways: halal, according to Islamic rules. And the guarantee of the high quality of the product, which requires that Brazil be transparent, prepared for the tracking system, ready for innovation and digitalization. Brazil is the best country to follow the requirements, but one of the worst in marketing the product. This is done through product tracking ”, he pointed out.

Highlighting other labels such as ‘organic’ and origins of Amazonian products is one of the best ways to strengthen the Brazilian image for the executive. “When people read‘ Amazon ’, they understand that it’s natural, that it will do good for health. What is missing from the producer of products like cosmetics is to understand this ”, he said.

For Mansour, it is also important to publicize opportunities for Arabs in sectors such as construction in Brazil. “The Arab private sector is young and likes to take risks. We are working within the Arab Brazilian Chamber to encourage Arab investments more and more, ”he explained, who believes that the pandemic has accelerated the use of technologies among Arabs as well. “We observed in the last few years that [in the Emirates] they already liked this, but they still didn’t practice it, it wasn’t concrete in their daily lives. The digital transformation gained marketing in the Emirates, but it started to happen effectively due to the need for the covid 19 crisis. This is not only in the Emirates, but in the entire Arab world, ”he stated.

The diversity among the 22 Arab countries is another opportunity that can be explored. Within the Gulf itself, Mansour pointed out that there are different profiles. While the emirati entrepreneur acts as a regional hub, the Saudis have stronger local consumption, creating opportunities for value-added exports.

Also participating in the event were the president of the Instituto Jovem Exportador, Ronan Pires, the vice president, Marcos Dias, and Bernhard Smid, director of Matchmaking Brazil, a partner company of the Instituto Jovem Exportador.

(*) With information from ANBA